⁂ Thinkin About Identity #1

Today is a good day to make you aware that I Identify as a non binary woman(like the person who created Steven Universe). You can google anything else you want to know about my gender identity. :)

I am not super particular to any pronouns, being that I dislike any and all pronouns anyway, in reference to myself. If you are sensitive to my pronouns, I like no pronouns aka just use my name, or M for short, but she/they suit me fine as well.

Discuss your personal identity when you are ready, even if it feels like there’s nobody like you around who will understand. There will probably never be anyone quite like you, and I like that about you.

"Happy coming out” day, even though I think the act of "coming out" is a construct created by straight cis people implying that we have something to hide. Anyway, I luv u.