⁂ Kanye and Vincent Walk Into a Bar

Last weekend I went to see the film, At Eternity’s Gate(which was mind-alteringly raw and beautiful). The following day, I watched Letterman’s interview with Kanye West(less mind-altering, but provided great perspective on Kanye himself). Prior to these experiences, I had appreciated both artists in a general sense. Like, ‘Okay these people are highly influential, often misunderstood, but they inspire mankind in their own ways.’ Halfway through the Kanye interview, something occurred to me. I realized that this man had more in common with a person like Vincent van Gogh than I gave him credit for.
Seeing Kanye speak about how trapped he was in the society we live in, while being constantly inspired to share his art with the world echoed van Gogh’s own life experience of being written off by society yet still having so much intent when he painted or wrote. Both artists also live(d) with mental states that occasionally presented themselves in the form of episodes, where van Gogh as well as Kanye would have experiences out of their own minds and bodies. Some would consider this a trait of madness, but both artists took their conditions for what they were, and let their episodes feed into the work they created. Another thing both of these guys share is their total confidence in their work and the mediums they used to affect their art, regardless of any hate they received during their careers. Sometimes to a fault, but in the end this is a trait that put them on the map as cultural icons.
Anyway, that was a thought I had. Making that little connection made me feel happy and less alone in my head. Might edit later.